BlackBox has developed this course in order to bring a practical, real-world perspective to training technical staff and managers. We have taught classes on this topic throughout the United States and internationally. The class gives a fundamental understanding of contracting necessary for recognizing pitfalls in SOW writing. It provides in-depth discussion and practice in recognizing language that undermines clarity and discusses the organization of an SOW. Students will practice writing SOWs in real-life scenarios.

The course is organized to follow a logical progression of theory and practice in organizing, framing, and writing SOWs. The course uses lecture, discussions, and exercises. Students are provided with manuals, templates, and checklists for SOW drafting and review.

Additionally, to deepen the learning experience and make it more immediately useful to the participants, the BlackBox instructor will review and discuss examples of outlines, templates, and SOWs submitted by the students from their own workplaces.

  • Statements of Work in Context: The definition of an SOW and allied documents (Master Agreements, Performance Work Statements, Statements of Objectives), the contractual understandings needed to write an SOW and the place of risk and change in the thinking of an SOW writer.
  • Setting Up to Write an SOW: The preparation necessary to organize and frame an SOW.
  • Writing an SOW: The elements of clear and concise technical writing with a specific focus on each section of a structured SOW.
  • Writing Statements of Work and Performance Work Statements: Course covers basic contracting rules, technical writing, and application of communication skills to assist organizations in creating or responding to work processes in requests for proposal.
  • Reviewing an SOW: The use of checklists that ensure uniform and clear SOWs.

Students Receive

  • Training in contracts, organization, and writing
  • Dozens of examples of outlines, clauses, and SOWs
  • Practice in writing and reviewing SOWs
  • Templates for Writing an SOW
  • Checklists for Reviewing an SOW
  • 21 Professional Development Units with the Project Management Institute (PMI®)
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