The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is designed for project managers seeking to understand and manage their stakeholders.

course follows a logical progression:

  • Understanding Personality Type: This unit gives the student a grounding in the theory of personality type. It allows the student to discover their own personality type and then discuss the strengths and weaknesses of that type in project situations.
  • Identifying Personality Type in Others: This unit gives the student a tool for identifying personality type in the stakeholders on their project.
  • Personality Type and Communication Style: This unit teaches the theory and practice of applying personality type understandings to communications on the project. Which stakeholder would prefer an email first followed by a phone call and which stakeholder would prefer a phone call first and then an email?
  • Communication Type and Stakeholder Management: This unit assists the student in applying project communications in order to ensure that all personality types receive the information they are looking for with a clearly documented trail for future lessons learned.

The course includes lecture, individual exercises that teach the skills being taught, and group case studies that walk the student through the process of planning and executing a project.

Click here for a PDF Fact Sheet and Example Sheet on Myers Briggs (MBTI®).

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