This course is a three-day introduction to Microsoft Project. It is designed for learners who have had a significant need for structured planning of scope, resources, time, and cost in a project environment. AMSP introduces students to the MS Project environment, navigation and option setting within that environment. The class also deepens understandings of the establishment of scope elements in a Work Breakdown Structure arrangement, time constraints, resources of varying types, and the elements of cost on a project. This is a hands-on course using student laptops with MS Project – the instructor will demonstrate techniques being taught and then assist the students as they practice the techniques. The students prove and deepen their skills with a comprehensive case study that is followed from scope development to execution tracking.

Competencies Addressed

  • Project Management
  • Techniques of Scheduling
  • Techniques of resource and cost development
  • Tracking project variances from baselines in time and cost
  • Tools of Project Management


  • Understanding of project work and environment
  • Laptop for use during in-class exercises
  • MS Project 2010 or MS Project 2013 (at a minimum trial version) installed on laptop
  • Familiarity with the MS Office environment


  • Understanding of the MS Project tool
  • Deeper understanding of Project Management techniques
  • Templates for future use
  • Twenty One (21) Professional Development Units (PDUs)
  • Practice in setting up projects in MS Project
  • Practice in tracking projects with MS Project
Click here for a PDF Fact Sheet on the Applied Microsoft Project course.
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