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BlackBox Partners, LLC brings you BlackBox Knowledge, a one-stop shop for training offerings from BlackBox. We are a Registered Education Provider (REP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and provide training and course development aimed at Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification holders, Federal and Federal-connected employees, Oil & Gas industry members, and to those interested in topics related to managing projects in general.

Training in Context

Organizations have a need to keep skills in alignment with work processes. They must also develop their staff to work effectively with the people and processes that are essential to project success.

There is a need to train, especially in the context of project management, process management, and a technical environment. It is essential to have instructors with deep industry background and broad training experience. BlackBox delivers training programs to hundreds of learners in dozens of organizations each year and uses instructors with broad industry knowledge and diverse experience.

All training tasks require a strong model for understanding human interactions and development. BlackBox is a Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and offers courses that are aligned with PMI® methodology and processes. For people and communications classes, BlackBox draws upon the research and paradigms of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) in framing facilitated sessions and coaching relationships that leverage the natural strengths of the participants.

Training should be aligned with the work, processes, and templates of the host organization. BlackBox spends the time to meet students in their local industry context, using examples from the work of the participants. We draw the local context of the learner into the processes and paradigms of the PMI® in order to create an actionable result from our training classes.


BlackBox offers a core set of courses in Project Management aligned with PMI® processes, techniques, and standards.

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BlackBox offers several course solutions including Traditional Classroom, Online Training, Custom Course Design and Packaged Courses.

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BlackBox has developed resources to aid Project Managers including videos, articles and tools.

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  • I’ve had the pleasure of taking two Project Management courses led by Bill Dannenmaier [CEO, BlackBox Partners].  Bill’s delivery resonated with all of the students which ranged from hew hires to upper management. The entire class was engaged through both week-long sessions and Bill did a great job of tailoring project management education for the oil and gas industry which I’ve worked in these past seven years.

    Curtis Prater, Project Engineer at PRT

  • Bill [Dannenmaier, CEO, BlackBox Partners] has the amazing ability of combining entertainment with technical knowledge – you never forget what he teaches! He is truly a unique person that always leaves a legacy whenever he is present. Rather than delivering dry material, Bill puts in the energy to understand his clients’ needs, customize his material, and deliver relevant and interesting training. Furthermore, I have seen him put in the extra 10% to give his students individual attention when they need it.

    Andrea Passman, Vice President, Planning and Reserves at CONSOL Energy

  • Bill [Dannenmaier, CEO, BlackBox Partners] presented Source Selection and Project Management classes to 12 of my clients as part of their continuing education for diversification into the Federal contracting arena. Bill is a highly-intelligent, execution oriented facilitator who thinks quickly on his feet, and is able to immediately gain the confidence of his audience with the depth of his knowledge and his real-world relatable experience. Bill has that innate ability to cut through the non-value added stuff and take you straight to the heart of the process! If you are looking for a dynamic, smart, plug-n-play project management solution – I highly recommend contacting Bill!

    Todd Olson, CPCM, CFCM, Director of Federal Sales

  • Let me say first that it is never going to be easy to hold my attention for eight plus hours per day.  The fact that [Bill Dannenmaier CEO, BlackBox Partners] kept me engaged for the majority of our sessions is truly a compliment.  I enjoyed your personal stories and puzzled looks when you reference something that maybe 2% of the world’s population would know as if you had simply stated “the grass is green.” Overall I couldn’t have asked for a better experience this week and thank you for your hard work and dedication to your craft.

    Student in Comprehensive Project Management Blended Learning (70-hour) program

  • I recently had the pleasure of completing Bill’s [Dannenmaier, CEO, BlackBox Partners] CPM class, which consisted of five straight days of eight hour training sessions. Holding my attention for eight hours straight when doing anything is no easy task, but Bill’s style of training managed to keep me engaged throughout the training week. Bill is a well-traveled and intelligent individual that uses his own personal experiences and knowledge of little known facts to keep his trainees interested in not only the subject matter, but Bill himself, which is a powerful training technique. He used multiple methods of group learning and participation to avoid the lulls that are usually associated with corporate training and overall I could not have asked for a better experience. His hard work and dedication to his craft shines through in his training sessions and I would welcome any opportunities to train under his tutelage again.

    Cody Bayne, Project Manager for Halliburton